Tips to Avoid Back Pain as You Work from Home

Here are the following points you need to apply and follow to avoid any type of musculoskeletal back pain and to keep yourself healthy even if you’re working from home: 

Don’t forget to have usual breaks between the work 

Having a break does not necessarily mean that you need to consume 1 hour or more. Small breaks ranging from 8-10 minutes are actually sufficient. During this time, you can drink juice or water or stretch your body. You can also meditate, eat something light, or even brisk walk for some time. Such small breaks can definitely aid you in giving motion to your body while making your feel refreshed at the same time. Once you sit in a similar position for a long time, it potentially strains your muscles that commonly stimulate back pain. 

Guarantee that your working area is correctly setup 

You can use all the hacks that can aid you in set up a greater works area that’ll assist you to enhance your posture while avoiding back pain at the same time. Some of them include: 

  • The back of your knees needs to be approximately 3 fingers widths from the chair’s edge.  
  • While you’re sitting on a chair, guarantee that your knees should be bent at a 90 to a 100-degree angle and your feet are properly aligned with the floor. 
  • Make sure that your computer screen is at your eye level—not very low nor very high. 
  • You should guarantee that the computer screen is placed at one length of your arm far from you. 

Take advantage of a low back support 

If you currently work from home, you have to pay particular attention to your workplace—most especially the chair where you’re usually sitting. Meaning, make sure to give lower back support while you’re working. You can simply get a bath towel and roll it to get a log-like form or invest in a few mini cylindrical pillows. Then, position your supporting pillow in your low-back area horizontally while you’re sitting on a couch or chair. With this, you can guarantee that you’re keeping up a great posture by sitting straight up. As a result, you won’t experience having any type of back pain plus it can assist in enhancing your posture.  

Visit your chiropractor 

If you currently believe that you’ve already acquired back pain due to work from home setting and then you need to sit for several hours of work, then do not hesitate to visit the Overland Park chiropractic clinic. With chiropractic therapies and treatments, you can surely regain your muscle strength and stop it from straining. Not only certified chiropractors give the right treatment but they can also aid you to improve your lifestyle through giving your healthy tips and enforcing your healthy habits.  

If you want to have your back pain eased, we highly recommend you reach your local chiropractor so that it can be resolved and you’ll gain your muscle strength again.